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This is the story of another inventor who died before his ideas were completely understood or accepted by scientists and society. For more than 30 years Lester Hendershot worked on an over-unity device that was thought to be tapping into a magnetic force field. Interestingly, Hendershot seemed to be the only person capable of activating it, but was "unable to provide a satisfactory scientific explanation" for why his creation worked. Nevertheless, the fuel-less generator was demonstrated many times from 1928 to 1960, and its validity was attested to by several witnesses including Charles Lindbergh (1). A demonstration was even conducted before the U.S. press in which the device passed all assessment tests (2).

The fuel-less generator was demonstrated many times from 1928 to 1960, which convinced many witnesses, including Charles Lindbergh

Newspaper clippings indicate its efficacy but according to Bill Beaty of KeelyNet, Hendershot "ran into political difficulties in promoting his device, attempted to take his business to Mexico, and finally faded into obscurity." (3) In 1961, he planned a final attempt to reveal his generator to top electronic engineering groups down to the precise construction and operation. Evaluation of the source of power for Lester Hendershot's device was never determined because he died on April 26th of that year (4). Fortunately, three years before his death, he allowed Ed Skilling to assist him in reconstructing his device, running it successfully. Skilling later wrote a magazine article in which Hendershot's construction specifications were explained (5). Around the same time, the inventor involved a man named Arthur C. Aho in many of his experiments, "operating and evaluating certain devices which generated electricity in usable form, but with no loss to any of its parts and without the use of fuel of any type." This private research went on for 2½ years and provided Aho with many interesting applications and interpretations.

Hendershot circuit schematic
courtesy ofBright Sparks – Geoff Egel on the web at http://www2.murray.net.au/users/egel/index.htm

There were many variations of the generator that all seemed to work — producing up to 300 watts. Hendershot's creations were made with a basket-weave coil containing inner cylindrical capacitors, a vibrator circuit, and solenoid coils separated from a magnet by a soft iron bar between two transformers. Many pieces of his generator were obtained from telephone and radio parts of the time. Upon assembling the device, Hendershot would spend anywhere from ten minutes to several hours connecting an insulated wire to different terminals until a buzz from the magnet-solenoid combination and a glow from the light bulb output load would signal energy production. In order to get a steady buzz and the brightest light, he would adjust the gap between the solenoid coils and magnet. This device could power televisions, radios, or small motors when it worked, but often it did not work at all, which remained inexplicable.

According to Aho, while other researchers constructed slightly different devices, they "all had two things in common: [1] they generated electricity without the use of fuel or material loss to any of its parts, and [2] there was an operator who used individualized methods to trigger the device into operation."

While working with the inventor, Aho decided to construct five devices so that he could see them work. After painstakingly building the first one and having it tested by Hendershot himself, the success of the generator showed him that "limits based on studies of exchange of energy and/or quantum mechanics did not indeed exist." Aho still has the last generator constructed, but it "is only so much material without the influence of Lester Hendershot—whatever that may be—and the device does not operate."

Mark Hendershot, Lester's son, is continuing his father's research. He believes "that once again the theory and working proof can be presented to a world which may now be ready."(6) For those who are interested, he has the construction plans and research details of his father's device (7). Also, Tim Thrapp of Ohio and Walt Parsons of Florida have built the Hendershot device. Thrapp's successfully "produces about 10 watts continuously with no electrical input (self-running)." There is also reported to be another project being undertaken in Australia (8). According to an advertisement in the Space Energy Journal, "Barry Hilton believes he has discovered the secret to the Hendershot Generator." He has published construction details and a theoretical explanation which is for sale along with a companion video (9). Information about the original Hendershot device can be obtained in detail from The Hendershot Motor Mystery by Tom Brown. There are also other devices in use that involve some of Hendershot's ideas, such as the Swiss M/L Converter (10).

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(1)  Video – "Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point" and New Energy Series presents: Troy Reed. This hour-long tape features interviews with an enthusiastic Reed and an interesting tour of his workshop. An assortment of demonstrations include Reed's over-unity motor, his lead and acid-free battery and finally a look at his Surge™ powered electric car.

(2)  www.padrak.com/ine/db/reed/html  [Note: This link is broken and will be updated in the near future.] The Institute For New Energy (INE) is an official US non-profit technical organization and is a co-sponsor of the International Symposium On New Energy. The Institute's primary purpose is to promote research and educate society on alternative energy.

(3http://patent.womplex.ibm.com/details?patent_number=4151431 U.S. Patent database. Technical abstract and claims for Howard Johnson's permanent magnet motor.

(4www.iinet.net.au/~steveb/adams/m1.html   The Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator, article in Nexus Magazine, December-January 1993.

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